TPO6 Integrated Writing

  • Ryan Zhang
    University: Sichuan University
    Nationality: China
    October 3, 2023 at 3:09 pm

    The article points out several false of online encyclopedia compared with traditional encyclopedia, while the professor in the lecture provides a compelling counterpoint, contesting these claims with a well-structured analysis.

    Firstly, the author suggests that the editor for each entry might not be professional like traditional encyclopedia, which can reduce the reliability of this information on encyclopedia. Nevertheless, the professor refutes the view mentioning that such a characteristic is an opportunity to help correct the mistakes in time, while mistakes in traditional encyclopedia will be remain for decades.

    Secondly, the professor rejects the claim raised in the article that much information is vulnerable to hackers and then might mislead quantities of readers. He emphasizes that some critical entries will not be editable and some supervisors are hired to check and protect the critical information from being edited maliciously.

    Lastly, the professor challenges the idea of what online encyclopedia is lacking in the impression of what is important. He believes that the editors of traditional encyclopedia consider the variety and diversity of including knowledge due to the limited space which is not a problem online. Therefore, the online encyclopedia can provide a much more precise description and abundant attachments for each certain entry.