Which one would you prefer, working 3 days a week with long hours or 5 days a week with short hours?

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  • Leon
    University: East china university of political science and law
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    October 19, 2021 at 11:57 pm

    Which one would you prefer, working 3 days a week with long hours or 5 days a week with short hours?

    The debate over whether a week with 3 days of long work is better than a traditional working schedule of 5 days a week is fierce. As i see it, the benefits of a 3-workday schedule definitely outweigh those of its counterpart, as it provides the workers more integral spare time and increases their efficiency during work.

    The 3-day schedule draws a clear line between the worker’s worktime and spare time, thus improving their life quality. In the traditional working pattern, the worker has to spend the half of the five days working, leaving them few time each day to enjoy their private life. Worse, in some situations when there’s a sheer distance between offices and homes, time spent on the roads accounts for a lot. Although the altogether worktime is equivalent to that of the 3-days pattern, the mere time left each day ends up with trivial stuffs like doing the housework and taking the kids to or off school, with nothing left for the workers themselves. Nevertheless, in the 3-day pattern, despite the work internsity of the first 3 days, the worker has an integral time of 4-days which can be spent on family, their personal pursuits or social interactions.Moreover, time spent on transportation will be reduced significantly. So it is not surprising that the overall life quality would see a major improvement in such a schedule.\

    In addition to the enhance of life quality, the working efficiency will also benefit from the 3-day pattern.In the traditional schedule, workers are exposed to the same kind of tasks for as long as 5 days,especially if he just count on the job to make a living, the experience will turn out torturing. For a long time, notwithstanding the excitement and fresh impression when first get exposed to one’s job, everyone would lose his passion for it.so no wonder many would let their thoughts wander into the clouds when it’s close to weekends. In comparison,in the 3-days schedule, when the employees get pretty refreshed and rejuvenated after 4 days off, everyone would treat the tasks before them with the regained energy and positive attitude, enabling them to reach a higher efficiency. Despite the intensity, when in thought of the coming of another 4 days of free time(which is not far away), most will choose to get through the difficulty with unprecedented motivation.

    In a nutshell, I’m in fovor of the 3-day working schedule because it not only enhances the worker’s overall life quality ,but also braces them against boredom and lack of motivation that results from repeated work.



    October 21, 2021 at 6:49 pm

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