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  • DengEvan
    University: Fudan University
    Nationality: 中国
    April 19, 2019 at 1:24 pm

    I agree that people who are busy doing so many different things do very few things well. I hold this point of view for two major reasons.

    First, our energy, like a battery, is limited. Once we focused on one thing, we had better fix our attention on it. This is the best and the only way we can get something down successfully. Take myself and one of my good friend an example. He is a smart person who always got higher scores in almost every subjects when we were at law school. Nevertheless, when we both participated the Chinese Judicial Examination of 2018, I passed while he was not. I think the major reason lies in that he participated the National Graduate Entry Exam at the same year. The two major exams both need enormous preparations so that each of them is extremely difficult to pass. As a result, he did not pass any of the two exams, which made him suffered a lot. One thing I learn from him is that no matter how clever you are, you still have to focus on one thing to make it success.

    Second, I strongly believe that happiness lies more in quality instead of quantity, as an old saying goes “less in more”. You do not need to do many things, you just need to do well in several things which are truly important for your life. Take money as an example. Everybody wants more money, so many people try to think about as many ways to make money as possible. Eventually, they may not really make money in any of their business, because they do not make themselves an expert in any business.