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    September 15, 2023 at 1:31 pm

    The Salton Sea in California is actually a salty inland lake. The level of salt in the lake’s water—w

    The level of salt (salt level   )in ( the  )Salton Sea in California has been increasing for years(  . ), ( As a result,   )and the water will ( would  )be( become  ) unsuitable for ( the  )populations near the sea( lake  ) if people do( did  ) not ( failed to  )take any solutions( measures  ). This reading (passage   )provides several ways to (prevent bad things from happening)( preclude undesirable consequences ). However, the lecturer does not agree with those options.

    (The first option is pumping water from the lake to provide to other facilities so that the water can be evaporated into streams and cool down to become salt-free water.)( Unclear  ) However ( ,  )the lecturer argues that pumping water can also bring (about/result in/lead to   )other health risks. For example, it(this practice   ) can bring ( up  ) other types of chemicals from the bottom of the sea(lake   ). Some of these chemicals are harmful and can dissolve into the air. It will cause some unpredictable problems if people breathe them in.( For example, this measure is likely to bring up harmful chemicals from the lake bottom and then release them into the air, thereby posing health dangers to the people in the vicinity. 

    In addition, the solution (to dilute)( grammatical error )  the salt level by pouring water from the ocean is also unacceptable. Because it( this measure )  would cost too much money( . )  to ( As an illustration, constructing ) construct such long pipes to take water from the ocean, and (goes beyond  ) the local government (‘s budget.  )  may not have enough money to pay for the resources.

    Additionally, diluting the salt content by pouring water from the ocean is financially impractical. Without a doubt, constructing necessary facilities such as the long pipes from the ocean may bring an unbearable burden to the local government. 


    Finally, the reading ( passage ) said (suggests that  ) some walls could be constructed by dividing the lake into several sections ( by building walls )  (to let salinity go into smaller sections)( unclear ) . However, if some activities ( natural disasters )  happened , like earthquakes, walls would be destroyed instantly. So, it( this approach )  only works in the short term.


    University: university of nottingham
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    September 15, 2023 at 1:21 pm

    Reading Material:

    The Salton Sea in California is actually a salty inland lake. The level of salt in the lake’s water—what scientists call its salinity—has been increasing steadily for years because the lake’s water is evaporating faster than it is being replaced by rainfall or rivers. If the trend continues, the lake’s water will soon become so salty that the lake will be unable to support fish and bird populations. The lake would then become essentially a dead zone. Fortunately, there are several ways to reverse the trend that is threatening the lake’s health.

    One option is direct removal of salt from the lake’s water in special desalination facilities. Water from the lake would be pumped into the facilities and heated. This would cause the water to evaporate into steam, while salt and other materials dissolved in the water would be left behind. The steam would then be cooled down and returned to the lake as salt-free water. Gradually, the high salt levels would be reduced and the lake’s overall health would be restored.

    Another possible solution is to dilute the salt level in the lake with water from the ocean. Since water in the Pacific Ocean is 20 percent less salty than water in the lake, bringing ocean water into the lake would decrease the lake’s salinity. The ocean water could be delivered through pipelines or canals.

    Yet another solution would be to control the lake’s salinity by constructing walls to divide the lake into several sections. In the smaller sections, salinity would be allowed to increase. However, in the main and largest section, salinity would be reduced and controlled by, among other things, directing all the freshwater from small rivers in the area to flow into that main section of the lake.

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    September 13, 2023 at 1:52 pm

    There are ( Asteroids are )some large space objects made of rock and ice called asteroids. Some people think they [ these objects could be] are better options for colonization than other planets like Mars [ in terms of colonization ]. However, in this lecture, the lecturer argued[s  ] it[ that living in asteroids ] is [may  ] not[ be ] as positive as this passage expected[assumes  ].

    First of all, although low gravity can provide safe landing on asteroids, people’s health can be a problem. People will meet healthy proplems in a low-gravity environment, for example, their muscles would be weaker and bone density problem can risk their health.

    First, extremely low gravity would pose a serious health threat to people in landing on asteroids. As scientists suggest, people’s muscles can become weaker and their bones can become less dense under this low-gravity environment. 


    It is agreed that there are abundant metals in asteroids. However, they may not as valuable as people expected. The cost of exploring these metals can be huge, and when they are brought back on the earth, there is no guarantee that these metals will be more valuable than the money cost, especially when too many metals are explored.

    Finally, as this passage said, it is actually easy to reach some asteroids because they sometimes come within of near Earth’s orbit. However, it is not easy to return. As asteroids run periodically, they can be close when reaching them, but they will go far after that. It may farther than the way to Mars when you want to go back.

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    September 13, 2023 at 1:47 pm

    Your professor is teaching a class on social studies. Write a post responding to the professor’s question.

    I partly agree with that opinion. As Sara said, teens require these rules to help them become better people and keep them healthy. In addition, these strict rules can also help teens social ability (to socialize  ) with other people.

    When a person can obey (obeys/follows  )essential rules and have good manners, others are more likely to play with him or her, which is good for( the person’s physical and mental development. ) their development both physically and mentally.

    I also agree that the rules should not be too strict so that teens can have enough freedom to do things they like, as Taehyun said.

    I also embrace the argument that less restrictive rules would encourage teens to pursue a wide range of interests, as Taehyun suggests. 


    Too strict rules may also limit teens’ curiosity and creation, which is bad for the future of the world.

    In conclusion, I think we should have suitable rules which can benefit teens’ life.